Day: January 3, 2019


WATERSIDE WALK   This past week, it was unusually foggy, warm and wet for mid-winter. My mother and I went


THE WEEDS OF SUMMER In early spring, the understory wildflowers to advantage of the sun filtering down through bare tree


NATURE WALK DOWNTOWN –LOOK UP; LOOK DOWN   To me, the action as a naturalist is downtown. It’s not that


WALK : SEPTEMBER 2005   WALK : SEPTEMBER 2005 September 18, 2005, Issue 179 By mid summer, the forest canopy


SPECIAL EDITION: ECO-URBAN STUDIES: “LIVING LIGHTER WITH LESS”Coming this week and next to The Monday Garden are a series of articles on

Cleaning Tools

LIVING LIGHTER WITH LESS : CLEANING TOOLS SIMPLIFIED   Right up there with simplifying to under 10 cleaning products is

Cleaning Products

LIVING LIGHTER WITH LESS: ALL THE CLEANING PRODUCTS YOU NEED   We all know that, regardless of a home’s type,


GOLDENROD, RAGWEED AND MUGWORT GOLDENROD: The goldenrod’s blooming, so it must be fall. Goldenrod’s a lovely fall bloomer that’s gotten an


VIRGIN’S BOWER AND THE ASIAN TWIN   Here’s a tale of two vines: a Great American and its Asian twin.


A CURE FOR THE COMMON BURDOCK I used to think that tropical-looking burdock would be great as the star in