Month: January 2019


SMARTWEED: BE GRATEFUL IT’S PRETTY   Pink smartweed and white fall asters share the October sun, at the edge of


AILANTHUS AND SUMAC   You came across a tree with long palm-like tropical leaves. What is it? In New England,


SHADES OF MAPLE: DEATH BY NORWAY   A Norway maple has three effective ways of destroying your lawn: dense summer


ODE TO THE WHITE PINE WEEVIL   When we talk about preserving biodiversity by preserving our native plants, part of


CATALPA: GREAT AMERICAN and INVADER? The northern catalpa (Catalpa speciosa) is a beautiful, tropical-looking North American native shade tree with


Save the Seeds: Rudbeckia and Wild Asters To celebrating this first week of autumn, in my Mother’s garden, the deep-yellow

Native Vines

GREAT AMERICANS: AUTUMN VINES   Autumn officially came this past week. Here’s a catbrier turning red on a fence in


Winter Moss Mice This moss is so insignificant when dormant that it’s functionally invisible. But add winter rain and get


GREAT AMERICANS: THE MONARCHS’ MILKWEED How about contributing to the monarch butterfly survival fund? It’s easy: plant a milkweed today.

Shade Gardening

FALL IN THE SHADE GARDEN   So many garden look great in spring, then enthusiasm wanes and the color’s gone.