The Monday Garden is for beginning houseplant enthusiasts, serious weekend weeders, nature-loving urbanites, tree-hugger wannabes, and people who just like pretty nature pictures.

On the site, there’s information for the beginner, who would like just one houseplant or outdoor perennial to live (please!) or who would like to be able to tell a maple from an oak, at least some of the time.

The Monday Garden is also for the sub/urbanite who wonders what going on in the alley after we all go to work on Monday. On the site, you can get a sneak-peek at what nature’s doing behind the parking lot when the homo sapiens aren’t looking.

For the socially conscience, please be advised that The Monday Garden has a pronounced bias in favor of squirrels, and against chemicals, both of the fertilizer and pesticide kinds, whether or not the label says “natural and organic”. Please stop the chemical warfare; the results, time and again, are proving more harmfully than any of us could have imagined. Please also do what you can to feed and shelter the “homeless” critters who once lived where we now have condos and malls.

This site explores how we, the gardeners of the ever-expanding sub/urban environment, who think we know what we’re doing, collectively impact the world. This includes our impact on the wild critters forced to live much closer to us than they would choose. Much of The Monday Garden is devoted to my own struggle to learn to how to pursue the pleasures of growing green things without possibly poisoning myself or the neighbors, be they humans or four-footed.

New articles are posted to The Monday Garden weekly, usually on Sundays. If you want to know what’s been posted each week, sign up here for the FREE weekly email.

HISTORY of The Monday Garden: I’ve been interested in nature and gardening since I was a toddler in the early 1950’s. After I retired from corporate life in the late 1990’s, I had more time to pursue these interests. Following 9/11/01, I started to send a weekly email to my friends to share pictures from my personal garden, which consists of about 150 house and balcony plants. I published on Sundays so that my office-working friends would get a pretty picture first thing Monday morning. Then someone asked how to grow one of the orchids, and the publication’s content expanded from there.

In 2002, Canadian environmentalist Walter Muma began publishing some of the ecology-related articles on his sites, and advising me on digital photography. Then in August 2003, my long-time friend, and all-time best technical advisor, Mike Burger, generously offered me space on his server. Since then, Mike and I have been building the site’s look and content.

REPRINTS: Articles and photos from The Monday Garden are frequently reprinted by North American eco-educational groups in their newsletters or used as handouts. If you’re working to improve the environment, feel free to do the same, on the condition that you note my copyright, and email me to make me feel good by letting me know you’re using the item. If you email me, you can also get print-quality versions of most articles and photos. If you don’t see the photo you need, please email me as I have a large bank of unpublished photos.

YOUR COMMENTS, QUESTIONS, AND PHOTOS: Please post comments, and email me any time. If you have a photo to post, please email it to me with the information that I need to make sure that the photograher gets credit.